Some Sketches

In a moment of mental clarity I once vowed never to write a personal blog and have until this day remained true.

But I now feel the need to supply the good readers of this site with a respite from descriptions of fishing that only serve to remind us of how non-existent the fishing is wherever we are, and the ensuing recipes reminding us of the extortion we would have to face at the local shops to be able to eat fish on a regular basis.

So my contribution is a couple of pencil sketches that I’ve done recently.

The first is a sketch of my friend Brooke playing with a ‘curdled’ soy mocha at the great Yahava coffee works in Margaret River. The second is my girlfriend Joy being supported by a vintage car outside the metallic oasis that is the Colonial Brewery, also in Margs.

Click the thumbnails to see larger versions.

Both images were sketched with (mainly) a mechanical lead pencil.