My divorce present

During the week a few of my mates took me out to Little Creatures to celebrate/commiserate the finalisation of my divorce. Good times!

It seems that instead of me having to give back the BBQ they gave me as a wedding present, they pitched in and got me a divorce present. You really can’t go wrong with mates like that! So thanks to Az, Andy, Luke, Brooke and Alan for the fantastic gift, the first results of which can be seen below.

So what was the gift? A Wacom Intuous3 graphics tablet for making proper digital art. I’ve been eyeing one off for a long time but couldn’t justify the expense on a hobby.

Below is the result of my first night of playing around and learning to use the tablet. So far I’ve found two things: it speeds up the existing work I could do with a mouse (mostly bezier curves in Inkscape) by at least double; and it allows freehand sketching and painting that was impossible before with a mouse.

I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of this!

This is an attempted self portrait, drawn using the tablet and Corel Painter. The (virtual) media used is a 2B pencil and a dry-brush watercolour. Click the image for a larger version.