Ho Chi Minh – Moped City

Here we are in cloudy downtown HCM City. Christine is currently swearing about the girl on the front desk of the hotel because she robbed us blind over a tour booking. We booked a half day tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels (Viet Cong) and paid $US13 each. Then we found that we could have got it for $US4 so we won’t go anywhere now in case we get done for a whole $9.

buffet.jpgThings here are so cheap. We went to the restaurant on the top floor of our hotel. The guy asked if we wanted A-la-carte but when we said yes he looked amazed. Why would anyone not take the all-you-can-eat buffet for 75,000 Dong ($A5.25). There were three specialized cooks in each area preparing the most amazing delicacies in front of you. We drank Tiger beer at $1.11 a stubby but could have had French Bordeux for only $A12 a bottle.

traffic-jam.jpgThe traffic is incredible. Composed of $80 scooter/moped it flows like a river. Sitting in a taxi it is tempting to wind down the wndow, give the nearest one a little push and watch the domino effect. Again, we had a fight over money with a taxi driver who was trying to rip us off to the tune of 63,000 Dong but we held our ground and only got done by 40,000 Dong. It’s all good fun and at least it’s cheap.