Derby & Looma

At Derby, the plan was to catch up with our good friends the Thorsby family, whip down to Looma for a weekend of fishing with them, then spend a week working at Derby District High School.

The Thorsbys were keen to try out their new Landcruiser so we wasted no time on Saturday before setting off for the 150 km trip South. Trevor and Emma had planned on joining us from Fitzroy but car problems at their end forced a change of plans. We fought fierce headwinds all the way South (and for most of the weekend too) b ut soon found a fantastic camp site alongside the Fitzroy River just past a crossing.

crossing.jpg With camp set up, it was off to Snake Creek, a lovely billabong fronting old Livaringa Station homestead. With three of us working cast nets, we soon had enough cherabin for lunch and a few smaller ones for live barra bait.cherabin.jpg

Pippa and Frankie pitched in and helped peel the cherabin for fresh bread rolls and boiled cherabin. Unbeatable.


With lunch over, Chris, Dean and I set off in the porta-bote to chase barra with the live cherabin. Working a few snags near the camp site, Chris soon bagged a good fish of 60cm. Dean followed at the next snag with another of 57cm so we were set for a fish tea. I once again lucked out but I figured I had put them on the spot anyway.


We tackled the cherabin and barra again the next morning but suddenly they were both uncooperative. That’s fishing I suppose.

Before setting off back to Derby, Chris fired up an old 500cc Yamaha bike that he had found abandoned in the bush. bike.jpgThe sign painted on the fuel tank suggested it was capable of harming its rider and Chris and Carol delighted in the thrill of a short ride along the camp tracks. It made enough noise to scare off all the wildlife. With no way of getting it home, Chris reluctantly left it for another happy camper to come

What a weekend, the highlight of the trip so far. Good location, good company and good food. Well content.

Now for a week of work.