Bungle Bungles and Keep River NP

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Emma and I have spent the last week with Mum and Dad touring across the East Kimberley – something we haven’t done together before. Marcus, another teacher from Fitzroy, also joined us for the trip into the Bungles before driving back to Broome to complete his break in Perth.

The Bungles were so much more than I expected – I’d seen pictures before, but I’d now recommend anyone to go and see them in the flesh. I’d also recommend doing a helicopter tour – fantastic!

We then drove on, spending a night alongside the Dunham River. I caught a couple of small bream, but nothing approaching the legal size limit. From here, we shopped quickly in Kununurra, and crossed the border for the Keep River National Park. For such a beautiful and accessible park (2WD can get in, and only 50km from Kununurra), it’s a wonder it wasn’t fuller than it was. There were some great walks through here, and the price to stay in the NT parks is a lot less than WA parks (it cost Emma and I $30 to camp in the Bungles, and only $6.60 to camp in Keep River).

After two nights in the National Park, we trekked back to Kununurra, with more shopping, and then drove through the irrigation land back into the Northern Territory to set up camp closer to the mouth of the Keep River. All up, we caught some six barra, though none were size! I’ll definitely be re-visiting this little stretch again…

So, gone for a week, but a full week it was! Some stunning scenery, a great chance to catch up with Mum and Dad, and a most relaxing holiday. Great fun! I’m sure when Dad posts he will have many more details…

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