A Trip to Mt Barnett

During the last June/July holidays, we travelled with our Fitzroy Crossing friends Kevin and Rachel along the Gibb River Road to visit Manning Gorge, near Mt Barnett.

As part of the trip we also visited Bells, Adcock, Barnett River and Galvin’s Gorges. The trip entailed plenty of sight-seeing, hiking and fishing (with plenty of Sooty Grunter and Cherebin on offer).

The trip was also our first chance to road-test our new 4×4 off-road camper-trailer. It passed with flying colours, through numerous creek crossings and heavy corregations.

Bells Gorge is a beautiful series of cascading waterfalls, similar to Mitchell Falls, but on a smaller scale. We camped the night at nearby Silent Grove before spending the morning wandering around Bells itself.

Manning Pool, Manning Gorge and Manning Falls are where we spent most of our time. We camped for four nights at Manning Pool, using it as our basecamp for the other gorges. Manning Falls is very relaxing place to spend time.

Galvin’s Gorge was a a little surprise package – only 500 metres from the main road, it was a small but spectacular pool and waterfall, complete with lazy water monitors, big bream swimming around and Aboriginal rock art.