A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Crusades

Last Friday afternoon, we rushed down to the Dowerin Telecentre to pick up our tickets for “Robin the Hood”, a musical comedy production being put on by the Dowerin Music and Drama Society. At $25 a head with a bar open and supper provided, it had to be a bargain night’s entertainment.
Much to our horror, we found that the audience was required to turn up in medieval costume and that there were prizes for the best dressed etc. Fearing that we would let down the others who would be on our table, we stopped in at the “Tin Dog Second Hand Shop” hoping to gain some inspiration. Alas, there was nothing suitable.
medieval-costume.jpgAfter much searching on the Internet and rummaging in wardrobes, Christine came up with a workable plan. An old tablecloth was sacrificed for Terry’s peasant tunic and careful layering and some clever use of ribbon turned Christine into a Lady of the Manor.
A quick stop at the neighbours’ for a photo shot then it was off down the road to the Town Hall. Having rounded the corner of the Town Hall the awful reality dawned. We couldn’t see anyone else in costume. A few made some encouraging noises as we entered the hall but we scanned the room in vain. No one was dressed up. It was like one of those horrible dreams where you are naked in public but other people don’t seem to notice.
The production was a huge success and very entertaining. At the end of “interval” the prize winners for the best dressed were announced. Amazingly, Christine won First Prize and I was Runner-up. We now have $30 worth of vouchers to the local sweet shop and a well-established reputation as eccentric loonies. It sort of goes with the territory anyway seeing as we have a yacht in the back yard 170km from the coast.